Challenge is simple. We are a provider of high-quality kit and expert coaching, with a first-class service.

If you want to know more about the team behind the door see below.

Ed Kerry (owner)

Ed-KerryI’m Ed, an endurance athlete, running coach and personal trainer. I help people of all levels achieve their goals and become physically and mentally stronger.

After a career in the Royal Air Force, I became a coach and started helping people with their fitness related goals. I’ve worked with adults and children of all ages, from beginners to marathon runners, improving their strength, flexibility, technique and stamina.

I’m passionate about fitness. I’ve completed a number of challenges, including ultra-marathons such as the six-day Marathon des Sables, the toughest footrace on earth; 156 miles in searing heat across the Moroccan desert. At my first attempt I was 21st and the second British person to finish. In addition to this I’ve run numerous marathons and my personal best time is currently 2 hours 39 minutes.


  • Castle to Castle; 2017 1,000 miles in 22 days Running/Cycling
  • Race to the King 2017; 54 miles; 2nd place
  • Race to the Stones 2016; 100km; 2nd place
  • CTS Dorset Ultra 2015; 33 miles; 1st place
  • CTS Gower Ultra 2015; 35 miles; 1st place
  • CTS Suffolk Ultra 2015; 33 miles; 1st place
  • Marathon des Sables 2015; 156 miles; 21st place – 2nd Briton
  • Pilgrim’s challenge 2015; 62 miles; 2nd place
  • North London Half Marathon 2015; 75mins 30secs
  • London Marathon 2013; 2hours 39mins
  • Guiness World Record Holder; fastest time to climb the height of Everest on a step machine in a team of eight



Fred (head of motivation)


Fred is the most dedicated member of the team, he started his career in chewing shoes and was so dedicated to the cause that he only gave up the shoe chewing last year.

Fred heads up the motivation side of Challenge and offers full support to all our customers, when you think your goal is too hard he will simply give you the inspiration and support to succeed.

The best thing about Fred is that his services are completely complimentary, all he asks is for a little walk and maybe a dog treat.

To book an appointment with Fred just simply pop along to the store and he will be found snoozing in the corner.